Tuesday 1st January 2019

Visit EXCESS at the Dusseldorf Boat show 19th to 27th January 2019 in Hall 15 Stand No 43.. Come and discover a world of passion, sportsmanship and beauty, and embark on a unique adventure: the EXCESS Challenge...its something we doubt you have seen before!

We are delighted to inform you that EXCESS catamarans are setting off on an ambitious project which, as far as we know, has never been carried out in the nautical world before: a general public competition with a boat to win!

The game, similar to virtual regatta challenges, will take place as a virtual sailing record, single-handed or in 4 people crews, with three prizes to win:

  •  A catamaran worth 300,000 euros to win among all the finishers of the solo category!
  •  A catamaran rental for one week, to win in the team category.
  • One week's cabin cruise to be won among all the contestants.

Everyone has a chance of winning the catamaran! The winner will be drawn out, but the record results will help increase the chances of winning the Challenge

What is EXCESS Challenge?

The EXCESS team provides the opportunity of taking part in a virtual regatta, single-handed or in 4 people crews, on board an EXCESS catamaran and challenges you to a virtual route perfect for entertainment as competition. The bold brand won't hold back on moderation as you could win a real catamaran worth €300,000.

Embrace the record

Set sail from Barcelona and attempt to win the record by taking real time weather conditions into consideration. The course will take you to Cannes via Menorca sailing by the north of Sardinia. Like in all great sailing records, you must choose the right weather window.

How to register?

Registrations to this record are opening at the Paris boat show. Game terminals will be set up in the entrance of Hall 1 and everyone can fill in the registration form online by clicking https://excess-catamarans.com/challenge from 8th December 2018 onwards! The game will last until the end of August 2019. There will be a small charge for registering at the Paris and Dusseldorf shows and the game will start after the Duseldorf show ends in January.



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Warren, I just want to thank you again for all your efforts, we will no doubt be in touch with you for some other bits as we progress.   Regards, Simon
- Simon B (Sun Odyysey 409 Spare Parts)

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