Excess 14 for sale and in stock now


Year: 2024
Location: Swanwick
Length: 13.97m/45ft 9in
Power: 2 x Yanmar 3YM30AE
Cabins: 3 +3
Ordered in advance by Sea Ventures the anticipated arrival date is July 2024.
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Excess 14 for sale, €669,000, saving €38,000. 

Excess 14

Introducing the stunning Excess 14 catamaran


The Excess 14 catamaran is a shining example from Excess of a forward-thinking catamaran. It is the result of dedicated design work and an industrial execution, unique to the brand. It is a cruising yacht that is both fun and playful, with sleek lines. This catamaran is the outcome of innovative architecture, of unbiased research work seeking out of the box solutions. Experience the thrill of the sea, plus everything you would expect from a cruising sailing boat: and Excess 14 delivers this!

Key features
Low boom, reduced windage thanks to lower freeboard, sleek lines and a redesigned hull.

Aft-set coachroof, a forward stepped mast, a composite bowsprit (as standard) as well as inverted and inclined bows.

The helm stations right at the stern in direct contact with the rudders and a good view of the sails, as inspired by monohulls.

Visibility is optimal on board the Excess 14, through untinted windows.

This model features deeper keels, and the rudder blades have been extended.

Direct steering system has been chosen, with textile lines, for a better helm feel.

Innovative architecture
Thanks to our collaboration with VPLP design, the lines of the Excess 14 have benefited from an understanding of ocean racing.

Enriched by their Expertise and cutting-edge software, this model is designed with an forward-set rig, a square-top mainsail, and a large overlapping genoa (as standard) to optimize the sail area to displacement ratio.

Bridgedeck clearance was increased for better passage through the water, and the hulls designed asymmetrically to reduce interference drag.

Interior design and comfort
The Excess 14 is a cruising catamaran that also offers comfort and modularity of its living spaces.

The goal was to maintain volume and good headroom, all this in a warm and as bright as ever interior design.

In the hulls, you'll find wide, very comfortable beds, and bathrooms featuring a separate shower.

The Excess 14 is available in several layout versions.

Overall length
13.97 to 15.99m / 459" to 525"

Hull Length
13.34m / 439"

7.87m / 259"

1.48m / 410"

Min/max displacement
11.7 to 18.3T / 25,794 to 40,352lbs

Mast clearance (std|pulse)
19.78m / 6411" | 21.54m / 708"

EC Certifications
A:10 - B:12 - C:16 - D:20

Naval Architecture
VPLP design

Square top mainsail
79m² / 850 sq ft

Overlapping genoa
39m² / 420 sq ft

Code 0 (option)
55m² / 592 sq ft

Upwind sail area
118m² / 1,270 sq ft

PULSE LINE Upwind sail area
134m² / 1,442 sq ft

72m² / 775 sq ft

Insurance and finance are available for this model.

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Very friendly and response staff. We are confident they will help resolve any snagging issues we may have.
We were delighted to receive some Excess 'goodies' when we took ownership. We wear our jackets with pride and as a result have already made contact with a former Excess 12 owner here in Jersey, it's great to be part of the tribe.
Sally H ( new Excess owner)
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