Devon's exclusive Extreme Trailer dealer.


We are proud to be the only exclusive Extreme trailer dealer in Devon and we supply all our Jeanneau boats with this trailer option.

All trailers are supplied and fitted by our staff here in the yard. We adjust each trailer to match the specific hull design and we can supply launch and recovery training here at our slipway in Queen Anne’s Battery. We also provide all year round trailer and boat storage on site.



Manufactured in Southampton, Extreme Trailers offer one of the largest catalogue of boat trailers in the country.

With on site CNC laser and plastic injection moulding machines, not only can they guarantee the quality of their product, they are also able to design bespoke trailers to suit the specific needs of your boat.

It is important that you have the correct trailer for your craft, ensuring safe driving on the road and stress free launch and recovery at the slip way, and at Atlantic Yachts we make sure that every boat receives the correct trailer.

All of the trailers we offer are hot dipped galvanised and only use high quality parts including Dutton Lainson winches, AL-KO Axles, Couplings and Bearings.



The ever popular roller range. For ease at the slip way with our superior roller swing arm design.


Heavy Duty Frame

AL-KO Axle

Waterproof Sealed Bearings

Design and manufactured in the U.K.

Available Models:

EXT500 Super Roller - Download Datasheet

EXT750 Compact Swing - Download Datasheet

EXT750 Maxi Roller - Download Datasheet

EXT750 Swing - Download Datasheet

EXT1100 Swing - Download Datasheet

EXT1300 Super Roller - Download Datasheet

EXT1500 Super Roller - Download Datasheet

EXT1800 Super Roller - Download Datasheet

EXT1900 Super Roller - Download Datasheet

EXT2400 Super Roller - Download Datasheet

EXT2600 Super Roller - Download Datasheet

EXT3000 Super Roller - Download Datasheet

EXT3500 Super Roller- Download Datasheet 

EXT3500 Extended Super Roller - Download Datasheet


Bunk_trailers_Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349 Atlantic Yachts


Ideal for your Dinghy. Our full trailer range can be configured  for any craft.


Lightweight Frame

AL-KO Axle

Waterproof Sealed Bearings

Design and manufactured in the U.K.

Available Models:

EXT350 Bunk - Download Datasheet

EXT500 Bunk - Download Datasheet

EXT750 Bunk - Download Datasheet

EXT1900 Bunk  - Download Datasheet

EXT2600 Bunk - Download Datasheet