FarrX2 300 w


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Autumn Sailing on the Farr X2

Performance is a choice. Is it yours? The all-new second generation Farr X2 is born out of many years of searching for just that. From the first day the pencil touched paper the brief has never faltered. Everything from hull shape, form and stability through to deck gear and ergonomics not forgetting of course the sail plan. These are all points of discussion which has led us to the current edition of the Farr X2. “It just works’ is the ultimate compliment from everyone who sails it. So, if it all works, if everything is in the right spot and you have the power available to achieve your desired level of performance why not get on board and push yourself to achieve levels of performance you know you have thought about. Having moved the build from the Southern Hemisphere to Europe we have also looked at build techniques. We are now infusing the entire boat, continuing to push for perfection. It is exciting times as the Farr X2 is quickly gaining the reputation as the most exciting and fun boat to sail in its size range and class. So, the Farr X2 team simply say – “Why Not” https://www.sea-ventures.co.uk/farrx2...X2

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Great to hear from you and thank you for sending over your invoice which has been paid in full this afternoon.We absolutely love the Webasto Heater, it’s made such a difference to our boat. The guys did a fantastic job, very neat and professionally installed.Hope business is good for you as we come into the start of a new season. Thanks for all of your help with everything thus far, you have made life very easy for us as we venture out into a new exciting period of our life. David B (Merry Fisher 795)
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