FarrX2 300 w

Design and Specifications

Performance is a choice.

This design embodies Farr Yacht Design’s deep understanding of race winning crewed, single and double handed offshore racing yachts, and our many years producing high level grand-prix and production racer and cruiser designs.  The Farr X2 is the product of extensive design development utilizing the most advanced design toolset in the world, including FYD’s proprietary IDEOS platform.  The design is positioned to provide exceptional performance in a wide range of conditions; able to perform in both the toughest offshore races and weekend club races all while being rewarding to sail by both Corinthian crews and professionals.

Built to Perfection

After extensive sea trialling of the prototype versions, we have optimized and refined the design and build aspects of the boat, with features such carbon/epoxy rudder blades, and are now building the X2 in Europe for the worldwide market. Our builder is highly experienced, with an eye for perfection that will make this excellent yacht stand out above the crowd.”

Designed to Perform

At 30 feet the Farr X2 is designed to provide exceptional performance at an affordable price point. The boat is constructed from vacuum consolidated Vinylester/E-glass with PVC foam cores and engineered to be robust enough for the most demanding offshore races in the world. The sail plan, deck layout and interior have all been optimized for short-handed sailing; ergonomically designed to maximize crew efficiency in maneuvers and sail changes while keeping the Farr DNA of a beautifully balanced helm and dynamic sailing experience.

Practical and Powerful

The sail plan proportions have been developed to provide sufficient light air performance and dynamic acceleration without incurring an excessive rating penalty under the major handicap systems. The deck-stepped mast is positioned well aft to maximize the fore triangle area and allow for the efficient use of staysails and double headed reaching sail plans. The selected dimensions are appropriate for all around sailing incorporating twin topmast running backstays and a modern efficient square headed mainsail. The rig reflects a 2-spreader layout carbon fibre rig with 23 degree swept spreaders and a cathedral stay arrangement. Mast tube construction utilizes intermediate modulus carbon, while the standing rigging is dyform wire. The boat features a generous gennaker flown from a fixed bowsprit and a separate Code 0 tack and hoist to permit efficient sail changes when short-handed. Option for a gennaker sheet outrigger is made for races where permitted.

Hull Form Meets Modern Design Technology

To be an all-around performer the Farr X2 is built upon a very low drag hull form that can be driven efficiently by a reasonable sail plan even in light air but has sufficient form stability and ballast ratio to achieve exceptional performance in moderate to strong breezes. The hull form is developed from FYD’s race boat development projects and draws on lessons from the extensive computational fluid dynamics studies we have undertaken. 

The hull shape maximizes its effective length relative to its rating without adding extra drag at low speeds. This is reflected in the long forward overhang and aggressive shaping of the knuckle act to make the boat’s rated length as short as possible, while engaging as effective waterline length once crew is aboard and the boat is underway. The hull features a narrow beam waterline and low wetted surface underbody shape.

Because You Deserve a Little Comfort

With shorthanded offshore sailing in mind, we have focused on developing a deck layout that is flexible and ergonomic. The deck house geometry is designed to deflect green water away from the cockpit while the cockpit coaming design is tailored to keep the crew above the deck and away from green water. The scalloped shaped deckhouse permits the use of transverse jib tracks for most angles with in-haulers utilized for tight upwind work to reduce sheeting angles. With a focus on crew protection, we have opted for a sheltered companionway with overhang that provides some shelter for the crew on deck in wet conditions. 

Deck hardware placement has been designed to ensure that all core controls are at hand when shorthanded. Care has been taken to allow for multiple cross sheeting arrangements using the 4 winches. The water ballast scoop/drain, and transfer controls are all actuated on deck without requiring someone to go below.


Standard Specifications

Length Hull: 9.2m / 30’1″
LOA: 10.85m / 35’7″
Beam: 3.20 m/ 10’6”
Draft: 2.05m / 6’8″
Displacement: 2.450kg / 5,402lbs
Ballast: 895kg / 1.970lbs
Water Ballast: 250kg
Hull/Deck construction: Vinyl Ester / PVC Core
ISO Category: A-4, B-6
Engine: Volvo Penta D1 – 13


Rig and Sail Specifications

I: 11.935m / 39’2″
J: 3.880m / 12’9″
P: 12.20m / 40′
E: 4.34 m / 14’3 ”
ISP: 13.65m / 44’9″
STL: 5.405m / 17’9″
Headsail Area: 25.0m2 / 270 ft2
Mainsail Area: 34.2m2 / 368 ft2
Asymmetric Spinnaker: 102.0 m2 / 1097 ft2
Code 0 Area: 57.0m2 / 613 ft2

Insurance and finance are available for this model.

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